"Tori's like your meme-queen best friend from college who got her shit together and just wants to help you get yours together too."


This course is full of things I wish I knew in starting a side hustle — how to choose what side hustle  was right for me, how to manage my time, and how to set my hustle up for success.

Hi, I’m Tori. 

A nationally-recognized millennial money + career expert, my work has been featured on Good Morning America, the TODAY Show, the New York Times, People Magazine, TIME Magazine, Forbes, CNBC, and more.

I spent years building Her First $100K on the side of my 9-5 job in marketing, biding my time until I could make my dream a full-time reality.

After a blockbuster year in 2019 – repeatedly going viral, winning a Plutus Award, multiple national press features, saving my $100K — I took the plunge and quit my corporate job to fight the patriarchy through financial education.

And in my first full month of entrepreneurship, I made $30,000 — 5 times my 9-5 income.

My mission: Get you the funds to build the life you want — and slay the patriarchy at the same time.

I'm committed to showing you how to make it rain — with a show tune and a Timothee Chalamet gif thrown in.